C+E Driving Licence

4 Steps to Obtain a Certified C+E Driving Licence

Well, the large-good vehicle is commonly referred to as Heavy Good vehicle. These vehicles can be only driven by a qualified driver and who knows how to operate a lorry over 3,500 kg. The main responsibility of LGV Drivers is to transport goods from supplier to customer.

While driving high lorry vehicles one can start their best career into it. Though, there are some basic steps that you must take care to achieving C+E Driver licence in UK.

On the other hand, to drive through the licensing process, you will find a number of companies that provide the full driver training courses. Before, you hand-over your money thinks about the benefits that you will get by these training courses.

Following are been defined some steps for obtaining a C+E Driving licence

1: Obtain a car driver licence

As such, there are few hoops to jump through which you can get on to the road. But don’t let this hold your back. If you don’t contain a car driving licence then there is a need for approving it first. Thus, it will enable you to take driving lessons from the right instructor.

2: Apply for provisional licence

Once you get your car driving licence. Then the first stage of becoming an LGV driver is to apply for a provisional lorry licence.  Remember the drivers of Lorries must be in good health and shape.

Be aware of paying to the private company for doing a medical assessment program. Some of the areas that should be assessed in your medical health are eyesight, heart conditions, mental health, a dosage of drugs, and many more.

3: Take Driver CPC

Another step is to qualify the theory test which is known as the Certificate of Professional Competence. If driving a lorry is a full part of your profession then there is a need to obtain CPC. While going for the tests you need to make sure that you take all your necessary documents with you.

Similar to the car driving tests you need to prepare for CPC tests too. There are various learning tools available that explain theory tests and allow you to do the practice. You can start reading it by DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) also.

4: Take C+E test                                     

When qualifying all the above procedures then you become a qualified driver for C category vehicles. But for becoming a class 1 driver you must need to pass the entire practical test which then adds you to the category E.

Somehow if you are new to this driving field then it will show all your hard work and experience. Thus by following all the above steps properly you became willing to achieve a C+E driving licence.

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