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The CPC Module 4 test is the final aspect of any driving licence one is opting for. Once the CPC test is cleared you may get the CPC card which is to be carried every time if you want to drive for financial gain otherwise you can get a fine of almost £1000. Before you take CPC Module 4, the CPC module 2 ( Case Studies ) theory test is to be completed.

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The courses we offer include tests that will give users a chance to discuss key issues that are related to HGV safety, demonstrating the practical skills required in professional HGV Driving as per the DVSA standards. Completion of this course prepares candidates to take the Module 4 Initial Driver CPC test.

Areas Covered under CPC Module 4 Courses

Essentials about CPC Module 4 course

Module 4 is the practical demonstration knowledge exam, the test fee for this is £55.00 which is available from Monday to Friday. We at GS Driver Training provide you with formal training as well as help you arrange your CPC Module 4 test (The test usually lasts for 30 minutes).

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