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Training for Cat D with GS Driver Training is best if you want to drive a bus that can accommodate more than eight passengers at once, Driver Training can help. However, you must first hold a Category B licence in order to obtain a Category D licence.


D 14 Hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
D 17.5 Hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
D 21 Hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
Hours Taught:1417.521
DVSA Test Included:YesYesYes
Book£1,362 INC. VAT£1,520 INC. VAT£1,884 INC. VAT
Course with Medical, Theory, Hazard perception & revision£1,487 INC. VAT£1,649 INC. VAT £2,009 INC. VAT
Add CPC (includes all the above)£1,837 INC. VAT£1,995 INC. VAT£2,359 INC. VAT

Automatic Or Manual Cat D Licence Training

You can drive autonomous vehicles without taking the Driving licence cat D driving test if you currently have a manual Category B licence (car licence). You will find it much simpler to pass your exam as a consequence. Normally, it is suggested that you take the PCV exam in an automated vehicle.
It is advisable to take part in the training hours in a manual PCV vehicle if you want to get experience operating a manual bus or coach after passing your PCV driving exam. This will allow you to concentrate more intensely on the gearbox, which will improve your performance on your Category D driving exam.

Why choose GS Driver Training for a D licence?

People prefer GS Driver Training over other training schools because of the numerous benefits that are imparted by GS Driver Training in terms of a Cat D licence.

Cat D Driving Licence Requirements

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