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At GS Driver Training, our mission is to provide comprehensive, top-tier training that equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the dynamic world of driving. We're dedicated to ensuring that our students not only meet industry standards but also surpass them, becoming safe, reliable, and skilled drivers.

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We take pride in delivering industry-leading training that sets the bar for excellence. Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching and are committed to your success.

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From HGV and LGV training to CPC courses and beyond, we offer a wide range of training programs tailored to your needs.

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GS Driver Training has earned multiple awards for the quality of our training and our unwavering commitment to customer service.


We understand that everyone has unique training requirements. That's why we offer flexible schedules and customised training options to fit your specific needs.

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Join the ranks of our successful graduates who have gone on to establish thriving careers in the transport and logistics industry.

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What do we offer?

GS Driver Training offers a variety of courses. As the leading award winning organisation we provide a variety of courses that can be customised as per your requirements.
We offer the following courses:

Driver CPC Training at GS Driver Training

Licence Categorys

  • Category C1 : You can drive vehicles between 3,500 and 7,500kg MAM (with a trailer up to 750kg).
  • Category C1+E : You can drive C1 category vehicles with a trailer over 750kg.The combined MAM of both cannot exceed 12,000kg.
  • Category C : You can drive vehicles over 3,500kg (with a trailer up to 750kg MAM).
  • Category C+E : You can drive category C vehicles with a trailer over 750kg.
  • Category D1 : You can drive vehicles with:
    * no more than 16 passenger seats
    * a maximum length of 8 metres
    * a trailer up to 750kg
    You can drive D1 category vehicles with a trailer over 750kg MAM.The combined MAM of both cannot exceed 12,000kg.
  • Category D : You can drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg MAM).


CPC training, or Certificate of Professional Competence training, is designed for drivers of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and passenger-carrying vehicles (PCVs). It's mandatory for qualified drivers to maintain their competence.

HGV training typically refers to the process of learning to drive and operate heavy goods vehicles, while CPC training focuses on continuous professional development and periodic training for qualified drivers.

All professional drivers of HGVs and PCVs need to complete periodic driver CPC training. This periodic training is required every five years to maintain their qualification.

CPC training courses cover a range of subjects, including road safety, eco-driving, driver health and well-being, vehicle maintenance, load securing, legal and regulatory requirements, and more.

To become a qualified driver with a CPC, you need to complete an initial qualification, which involves passing both a theory test and a practical test. Afterward, you must undergo periodic training every five years to maintain your CPC.

Periodic training involves completing 35 hours of training every five years. It helps drivers enhance their skills, stay updated on industry regulations, and ensure road safety and compliance.

The CPC qualification is typically specific to either HGV or PCV driving. If you want to drive both, you may need separate CPC qualifications.

To drive HGVs, you typically need a Category C licence (for rigid vehicles) or a Category C+E licence (for articulated vehicles). Your specific requirements may vary based on the vehicle you intend to operate.

To find approved training courses and providers, you can check with accredited driving schools, refer to government or DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) websites, and seek recommendations from experienced drivers.

The CPC card is proof of your qualification. To obtain it, you must successfully complete the initial CPC qualification and periodic training. The card includes essential information about your qualification.

An HGV licence, or Heavy Goods Vehicle licence, is a legal requirement for individuals who wish to operate large and heavy goods vehicles for commercial purposes. It is essential for professional drivers in the transport and logistics industry. The specific licence category required depends on the type of HGV to be driven. To determine whether you need an HGV licence, consider the weight and configuration of the vehicle you intend to operate.

If you are planning to drive an HGV for commercial purposes, it is crucial to check the licence requirements in your region, undergo the necessary training and testing, and ensure that your licence is up to date and compliant with local regulations. Failure to obtain the appropriate HGV licence can result in legal consequences, fines, and disqualification from professional driving.

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