GS Driver Training offers LGV, HGV, and PCV Driver Training in the UK

Firstly, you must undergo a medical and submit the relevant forms D2 and D4, (these can be found by clicking the link below) on completion you must send these forms plus your photo licence directly to the DVLA for approval. We can also guide you through this process saving you time and money. Once you're in Possession of your provisional licence your training can begin. Click To Order D2-D4 Forms

HGV Driver Training
HGV Driver Training

Professional Driver Training, UK

Looking for LGV/HGV driver training in the UK? Then you're in the right place. For many years GS driver training has provided high-quality services. we are also known for our high-quality training and exceptional first-time pass rate. We excel at excellent customer care to all our clients.

We are a one stop solution for all your driving needs, whether you're looking to gain a C1 qualification or CPC training, we have the expertise to cater for your training needs whether your new to training or looking to upgrade your current licence.

The Fundamental Breakdown of HGV/LGV/PVC Driving Test

The HGV/LGV/PVC driving test consists of these key components: The HGV/LGV/PVC Theory tests, The HGV/LGV/PVC Practical test. In order to successfully gain your licence you must pass your theory test first then move on to your practical driving test.

The HGV/PVC Theory test is in two parts:

Multiple Choice

This Multiple-choice test is 1 hour and 55 minutes. Within this time you will be required to answer 100 Multiple choice questions, in order to pass this test you must score at 85 out of the potential 100 marks. GS Driver Training can assist you with all the information you need to pass this test.

Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception test consists of 19 one-minute videos featuring 20 Hazards. In order to identify the Hazards you will need to correctly click on the screen any developing Hazards you see, a developing Hazard is anything that will cause yourself as a driver to take action on the road. Clips are scored from 1-5 points depending on how quickly you identify a Hazard. The pass mark for this test is 67 out of 100. GS Driver Training can supply all the revelent Training needed to assist you in passing this test.

LGV/PVC Practical Driving Test

The LGV/PVC Practical Driving test elements are:

Reverse Driving Test- This must be obtained before you can undertake your practical on road driving test.

  • Five show and tell questions
  • You must drive competently continuously for 1 hour
  • You must drive independently for 10 ten minutes following road signs
  • During the test you must not exceed more than 12 minor Driving faults

Please note:

An accumulation of more than 3 of the same minor faults may result in failing your test.

In order to ensure you are ready to take your practical test please ensure you have completed your medical, passed and obtained you theory tests certificates and passed your reverse test. You must have completed all to be able to sit your Practical Driving Test. A qualified DVSA examiner will ensure you meet the required standard.

Driver HGV Training

Acquire the Best quality Training: GS Driver Training

Multi award winning GS Driver Training can assist you with the most efficient quality training, with our highly qualified instructors we can assist you in fulfilling your new driving experiences by teaching you in our wide range of vehicals. Our goal is to ensure all our clients receive exceptional education and advice to enable you to pass your test. Our affordable Training is highly recommend and we will endeavour to assist you to gaining your new licence.

You can contact us directly but calling the number above or feel free to email us at:

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We are a small family run company and pride ourselves on the high quality driving tuition we offer. We understand that learning to drive a large vehicle may be daunting, please do not worry our friendly and experienced team will ensure that you are made to feel safe and comfortable from the start. We will help you not only to pass your HGV/PCV test but to become a safe and competent driver ready for your career on the road. The prices for our standard courses are competitive, we also offer tailored options for additional training such as refresher courses. To find out more information about our driving training school visit our DRIVER TRAINING COURSES section where you will find all the information you need.

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We provide professional services to our clients leveraging our years of experience while keeping the training costs low and quality high.

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"Passed my Class 2 a few weeks ago and have already been promoted at work! These guys and girls are great, they make sure you are relaxed and happy and are very supportive, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend them to everyone looking to advance their driving career! Their training sticks too... Every time I stop at the lights, or a junction I mutter under my breath "Tyres and tarmac" ;-D ... Well done guys"

Steve Panter

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