The government modified the process for obtaining HGV licences on November 15th. The new legislation will allow learner LGV drivers to take a Category C+E test without previously passing a Category C test that is done through a fast track C+E course.

In order to assist our customers who desire to take this road, we will deploy our new HGV Fast Track Course, which will shorten the time needed to obtain the C+E licence after passing Category C.


Fast track C+E 28 hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
Fast track C+E 35 hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
Fast track C+E 40 hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
Hours Taught:283540
DVSA test 3a + 3b included:YesYesYes
Book Driving course only£2,429 inc. VAT£2,945 inc. VAT£3,473 inc. VAT
Add Medical, Theory, Hazard Perception Test and Online Revision:£2,554 inc. VAT£3,070 inc. VAT£3,598 inc. VAT
Add Driver CPC (Includes all of the above):£2,904 inc. VAT£3,420 inc. VAT£3,948 inc. VAT

Steps To Get Fast Track Licence - Join our Fast Track Training!

  • Sign up with us to receive a UK driving licence quickly. A course manual will be made available to you online as registering with us is simple.
  • Click on the fast-track option, fill out the required information, and you're done.
  • A professional advisor from our company will get in touch with you to go over your needs and expedite the course.They can advise you on the price of fast-track training and other relevant issues. You can talk to them about your questions.
  • Your medical exam is up next. We'll set up an urgent medical appointment for you. They will examine your eyes and see if you have any conditions that could make driving an HGV risky.
  • We'll get you ready for the theoretical test. You can learn with the help of our online course materials. There will be many sessions where you can ask any questions. Your test is divided into two sections : multiple-choice questions and hazard perception.
  • We'll teach you how to operate an HGV properly. In order to create your schedule for practical training, our instructor will get in touch with you. You will receive guidance and test preparation from us as we majorly offer a first-time pass rate.
  • Once your training is complete, you can pass your practical test and obtain your professional driver's licence.

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