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Are you looking for a Driver Training centre where you can get your C1, C, CPC? Then GS Driver Training is the right choice. When you earn your driver’s licence from GS Driver Training, the best driving school in the area, you will experience numerous benefits.

LGV and HGV drivers are obliged by law to pass a medical examination, and GS Driver Training can provide you with all the necessary information and Training that is HGV/LGV Driver Training- C1 Driver Training, CPC driver Training, C Driver Training, etc. Visit our website for a range of intriguing and practical information. We also give new drivers with the CPC driver qualification card offering quality services at a reasonable price.

HGV Training Aldershot at GS Driver Training


Initially, CPC Driver Training is typically divided into two modules: CPC module 2 and CPC module 4. This is meant to put your theoretical knowledge to the test in the context of real-life situations. It entails understanding and putting abilities into practice by simulating situations that you are likely to encounter daily, preparing yourself to be a professional driver.

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HGV Training Aldershot at GS Driver Training

More Details Concerning GS Driver Training

GS Driver Training gives specialised Training to ensure that CPC operations run smoothly and successfully. We cover your Mod 2 and Mod 4 examinations as a part of your driver CPC application. Because of the flexible schedules, training sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of every individual. Because of our flexible criteria, you can choose from various training alternatives.

GS Driver Training - Aldershot

GS Driver Training assists you in developing the necessary abilities to operate various types of HGVs/LGVs. We keep up with all of the latest trends in the industry. So, with GS Driver Training, you're on the right track to achieve greater long-term results.

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It is important to note that only people over the age of 18 are eligible to apply. They must also possess a manual car driver’s licence. After that, you can apply for a C1 or C licence and take the CPC Module 4 tests. This process is simple to accomplish with the help of the leading training institution in the region.

Because we work through everything precisely at GS Driver Training, you must follow the legally prescribed process. You must first submit a medical examination, then apply for the DVLA and complete the D4 form. You will receive a provisional licence in category C1 or C as a result of this. Following that, you can begin your Training with GS Driver Training, the premier training institution in the UK.

How much should HGV training cost?

You can expect to pay about £100 per hour for your HGV lessons as a ballpark figure. The longer the training course, the better rate you will tend to get. Here are our HGV training prices for you to take a look at.

  • HGV class 2 price list
  • C1 price list
  • HGV class 1 price list

Are you looking for HGV Class 1 Training Near You?

If you live in Aldershot, Hampshire, then you are close to us. We are based in Cranleigh, Surrey and use the Guildford test centre, which is only 12 miles from Aldershot. Our location

How do I get an HGV licence UK?

Trying to get your HGV licence can be a mind field and can cost you thousands more than it should if you get it wrong. We often hear horror stories where people have lost money. So I can't stress this point enough. If something sounds too good to be true, then be very careful. Do your research before signing up. We can guild you on precisely what you need to do to get your licence

  • Call us first
  • D2 D4 forms filled it
  • Medical
  • Send to DVLA
  • Revise Theory
  • Book theory test
  • Book Practical
  • Book CPC Training and tests
  • Pass your test and apply for a digital tacho card

What Are The Different Classes Of The HGV Licence?

Here is a list of some of the different courses we have to offer if you are insisted on being an HGV driver, then there will be some in there for you.

  • HGV class 1 (biggest)
  • HGV Class 2 (medium)
  • HGV Class 3 (Smallest)

Do I Need A Car Licence First?

Before you can do any HGV training course and become an HGV driver, you must have a full car licence. If you have only just recently passed your car test, then when you are looking at HGV courses, I wouldn't recommend the short courses.

Can I go straight to Class 1 HGV?

Yes, you can now go from a car licence to an HGV class 1 licence. If this interests you, then take a look at the packages that we build just for this. It is our fast-track course. fast-track-ce-course

What is an HGV licence?

HGV stands for heavy goods vehicle, which is a vehicle weighing over 3.5 t, so if you would like to drive anything over 3.5t, you will need to get an HGV licence.

What does an HGV licence cost?

The licence itself is free. It's all the other stuff you need to do to get it that cost money. Here are a few things that you will need to pay for to get your HGV licence.

  • Medical
  • Theory training
  • Theory tests
  • HGV Training
  • HGV test fees
  • CPC Training and test fees
  • Retests if you don't pass the first time

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