Getting Your Car Licence.

I passed my driving test! Now, what's going to happen?

It is the moment every student dreams: to pass your test. Few things match the eagerness you feel when you hear these magic words. But what's next to happen? That's only sometimes clear after passing.

However, the reality is that drivers are as diverse as their licensing trips after passing. However, there are some common threads—and a few indications of what is (not) to be done.


Manual Car Lesson 30 hour
Just Lesson£1200 inc. VAT
With Driving Test£1300 inc. VAT
With Theory Training and Test Plus All The Above£1350 inc. VAT


Manual Car Lesson 35 hour
Just Lesson£1400 inc. VAT
With Driving Test£1500 inc. VAT
With Theory Training and Test Plus All The Above£1550 inc. VAT


Manual Car Lesson 40 hour
Just Lesson£1600 inc. VAT
With Driving Test£1700 inc. VAT
With Theory Training and Test Plus All The Above£1750 inc. VAT

Get Your Full Driving License.

You'll want to first swap the old green temporary license for a bright new, pink one first things. You can follow this procedure in two ways:

  • When you pass, your examiner will automatically ask whether you want to get your full driving license. If you decide to do this, you must give your temporary permission there and there.
  • You cannot apply for your full license by post if you do not automatically receive your license. Just remember that you must complete your test within two years. If this doesn't happen, you will have to test throughout again.

You should get your full license within three weeks after applying for it. However, don't worry – as soon as you have passed your driving test, you can legally drive separately.

That means you can go directly from the testing centre on the road! There are, however, some good reasons why you could miss it. First, you'll probably be in a little high post-testing; that's your time, so take the opportunity to celebrate and let it go! Secondly (and more urgently), your previous student driver's assurance may longer cover you. After all, you are no longer a student! So it's time for a new insurance scheme.

Get Insurance.

When your driving future lies behind you when it comes to getting home after your test, sure, students might be fortunate enough to have a car – they might even have tested in the car themselves! In the meantime, others could be in the engine market. Regardless of where you go, checking out the insurance options is a good idea.

If you are already insured on a private car while learning, transferring to your insurer on a standard policy as a call may be easy.

Although, that depends on your choice to stay at the same firm far away from it!

Purchase a Car.

Did not have a set of wheels, but have your driving test passed? The next item on your agenda should be this! Selecting a car as a new driver may be tricky, but some things must be investigated further.

Our first topic is insurance. The first connections. Drivers looking for a car in one of the lower insurance groups hoping to lower their premiums (most of us, then!).

You must also take into account road tax. While the old paper tax records have been a thing of the past, the tax is a significant concern. Standard road tax rates amount to £140 per year for all petrol or diesel cars. Alternative vehicles are now free of charge and cost around £130 in tax.

P Plates

As a student, you must always show L plates on the front and back of your vehicle. This legal requirement no longer applies: don't feel free to tear up and throw them in a container!

More Practice

Your car (with or without P plates) is parked safely on your driveway, and its insurance and road tax are sorted. Next, all you require to do is start driving. Correct?

Well, maybe not. Although you qualified for the rare feat of passing your test with zero minors, there's still room for advance. After all, the driving test lasts around 40 minutes: it can't tackle everything!

When most new drivers hit the road, they will have spent much time driving around local test routes. It means, in turn, that they'll need more experience with areas such as motorway driving or driving at night.

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