This Will Allow you to Drive a Car up to 3.5t.

Intensive car driving courses are becoming increasingly popular in Surrey due to their convenience and effectiveness.These courses provide 35 hours of training, including a test, designed to help drivers become more confident behind the wheel. With the correct instruction and guidance, these intensive car driving courses can help drivers learn the necessary skills to pass their tests with flying colours. Furthermore, they can also provide valuable tips on how to drive safely and responsibly on the roads. This course is not for everyone. You will be with your instructor for 4 hours each day. Call one of our friendly team members and see if this course would suit you.


Manual Car Lesson 30 hour
Just Lesson£1200 inc. VAT
With Driving Test£1300 inc. VAT
With Theory Training and Test Plus All The Above£1350 inc. VAT


Manual Car Lesson 35 hour
Just Lesson£1400 inc. VAT
With Driving Test£1500 inc. VAT
With Theory Training and Test Plus All The Above£1550 inc. VAT


Manual Car Lesson 40 hour
Just Lesson£1600 inc. VAT
With Driving Test£1700 inc. VAT
With Theory Training and Test Plus All The Above£1750 inc. VAT

What are the benefits of intensive car driving courses?
Have you ever had a driving lesson only to find next week you are back where you started?
Or you are just beginning to improve, and the lesson is over. This is where an intensive course could help you break through that cycle.

What is the cost associated with taking an intensive car driving course?
Although the cost can be off-putting, you could save money in the long run as you would need to wait for a test to become available.

How much time does it take to complete an intensive car driving course?
These questions will depend on the person reading this, as we are all different. There are plenty of schools out there offering 1-week driving courses; however, we will only offer 30, 35 and 40 hours courses. Meaning eight days is our minimum course.




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