C1+E Training

We offer the below packages for your C1+E training needs. These courses are suitable for anyone looking to drive a vehicle up to 7.5 tonne with a trailer.

Our High pass rate and years of experience will help you achieve a pass quickly.


C1+E 7 hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
Hours Taught:7
DVSA test 3a + 3b included:Yes
Book£785 inc. VAT
Course with Medical, Theory, Hazard perception & revision£935 inc. VAT
Add Driver CPC (Includes all of the above):£1,190 inc. VAT


C1+E 10.5 hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
Hours Taught:10.5
DVSA test 3a + 3b included:Yes
Book£995 inc. VAT
Course with Medical, Theory, Hazard perception & revision£1,120 inc. VAT
Add Driver CPC (Includes all of the above):£1,470 inc. VAT


C1+E 14 hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
Hours Taught:14
DVSA test 3a + 3b included:Yes
Book£1,275 inc. VAT
Course with Medical, Theory, Hazard perception & revision£1,400 inc. VAT
Add Driver CPC (Includes all of the above):£1,750 inc. VAT


C1+E 17.5 Hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
Hours Taught:17.5
DVSA test 3a + 3b included:Yes
Book£1,555 inc. VAT
Course with Medical, Theory, Hazard perception & revision£1,680 inc. VAT
Add Driver CPC (Includes all of the above):£2,030 inc. VAT


C1+E 7 hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
C1+E 10.5 hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
C1+E 14 hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
C1+E 17.5 Hour course
Includes DVSA Driving Test
Hours Taught:710.51417.5
DVSA test 3a + 3b included:YesYesYesYes
Book£785 inc. VAT£995 inc. VAT£1,275 inc. VAT£1,555 inc. VAT
Course with Medical, Theory, Hazard perception & revision£935 inc. VAT£1,120 inc. VAT£1,400 inc. VAT£1,680 inc. VAT
Add Driver CPC (Includes all of the above):£1,190 inc. VAT£1,470 inc. VAT£1,750 inc. VAT£2,030 inc. VAT

Why choose GS Driver Training for a C1 +E licence?

The manual Cat B licence generally includes a C1 licence with a trailer that is weighing up to 750 kg and you are permitted to operate ambulances, big motor homes, and other vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tonnes. You can pull a trailer weighing no more than 750 kg after passing your Cat C1 up to 7.5T-test. You must pass the C1+E test in addition if you need to pull trailers that weigh more than 750 kg.

The additional Offerings:

  • Qualified Instructors
  • DSA Approved
  • Reasonable Prices

C1+E Licence Requirements

  • In order to take the C1+E licence test, you should be 18 years of age or older.
  • You should have a Cat B licence for manual cars then you need to submit a D9 Form and receive a UK licence with C1 temporary entitlement if you have an EU licence. This is a prerequisite for attending the course.
  • One should be able to read a modern number plate from 20 metres away, and use glasses whenever necessary.
  • One should possess at least 12 months of driving expertise
  • You then need to clear both the theory test and the LGV medical examination before taking the practical test.

Everything You Need to Know About your 7.5 Tonne with Trailer Training


If you want to upgrade your Licence to a 7.5-tonne with a trailer, you have come to the right place! Intensive Driving Courses offers professional and comprehensive driver training courses that will give you the Licence you need upon completion. Our friendly and experienced team can provide an intensive course over a few days, ensuring you get the necessary training and support to obtain the C+E licence. With our help, you can make sure that you receive the high-quality instruction you need to be a safe and responsible driver of this vehicle.

5 tonne with trailer training C1+e

A 5-tonne trailer course is an excellent way for those holding a C1+E licence to expand and develop their driving horizons. This driving course can provide you with an intensive training experience and the skillsets to begin working in many different sectors. Intensive courses will provide the essential knowledge and skills required to operate this class of vehicle and trailer with confidence and safety for all road users. Alongside the system, extensive theory and practical tests must be completed to gain your Licence and the freedom to hit the roads. An experienced instructor can offer quality tuition and support you throughout the process. If you want to expand your current license with an additional challenge, 5 tonnes with trailer training can be the perfect solution.

Benefits of taking this course C1+e

Taking a 7.5 tonne with a trailer-intensive driving course can be a great way to gain your C1+E licence. It can be the best way to ensure safety when driving a larger vehicle and trailer. These intensive driving courses are tailored to each individual, whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver. The intensive courses are designed to make you aware of all the safety aspects of driving a 7.5-tonne with a trailer. You will learn how to carry out an in-depth vehicle check, load items into the trailer correctly, and all manoeuvres safely and safely. You'll also better understand the importance of driving responsibly and how to adjust your driving to various terrains. After completing your intensive course, you can legally take to the roads with the proper licence endorsement on your UK driving licence.

What is 7.5 Tonne with Trailer Training?

7.5 Tonne with Trailer Training is a driving course for those seeking a Category C1+E licence. This course takes place over two days of intensive driving lessons, making it a crash course and ideal for those who require their Licence in a hurry. At School of Driving in Cranleigh and Surrey, we provide the most comprehensive 7.5 Tonne with Trailer Training service, giving you the best chance of passing your practical test. Our intensive driving courses will ensure you are fully prepared for the exam and have the knowledge and confidence you need to drive safely. With our experienced instructors, you can rest assured that you will receive all the training and guidance you need to pass your test.

5 Tonne training C1+e

If you want to add your Category C1+E Entitlement to your driving licence, an intensive 7.5-tonne with Trailer training course is a comprehensive and cost-effective way to pass your test. Intensive driving lessons are targeted to cover both theory and practical components in a short amount of time. With crash courses designed to get the most out of your intensive driving lesson and pass your category c1e licence test quickly, you can save time, money and effort in the long run. Intensive driving courses let you become road-worthy and confident in a matter of days, whether you're just starting to learn or looking to resit the exam. All the instructors are experienced professionals, so no need to worry if you're a novice! Courses are available both on-site and in the comfort of your own home, so you can learn and prepare via the method that suits you best. So, whether you want to add your C1+E entitlement to your driving licence or fancy a crash course, 7.5 Tonne with Trailer Training Courses is the convenient and efficient solution you need.

What are the requirements for C1+e?

If you want to get your C1+E quickly with an intensive driving course, you need to know all the requirements. To be eligible for the crash course, you must possess a current driving licence with category C1 entitlement. If you still need to get this, no problem! You can apply for the Licence by filling in a D2 form and providing evidence of identity to receive it. After you've got your category C1, you can start your driver training. Once the training is complete, you can book a test granting you your C1+E entitlement. Our crash courses are the perfect answer if you need lessons to get to this stage! They'll teach you all you need to know to pass the test, along with intensive driving lessons. You can even do your intensive driving course over two days if you prefer. That said, you'll still need your category C1 licence before participating. That's all you need to know about C1+E intensive driving courses. Get your Licence, and you're good to go!

C1+e Theory Training

Theory training is an essential part of your 7.5 Tonne with Trailer Training, and passing the Theory Test before you start is a prerequisite for getting your driving licence. Understanding the material covered during this training is essential to pass the driving tests later. You will learn the legal rules and regulations and manoeuvres used in driving larger, heavier vehicles; you will need knowledge of vehicle clearance, stability, weight, height and compliance. For those wanting to get their driving licence entitlement category C1+E, this typically requires completing a C1 intensive driving course. You can also opt for a C1 crash course or take intensive driving lessons. However, the test is the same regardless of the approach you choose. Pass rates are far higher when you prepare and understand the material for the C1 and C1+E licence categories. Many resources, such as our comprehensive, intensive driving lessons, are available to assist in this preparation. With some preparation and practice, you can be confident that you will pass the test and obtain the necessary entitlement.

What are the critical topics covered?

When you take the 7.5 Tonne with Trailer training course, you will learn all the important qualifications and requirements needed to drive a vehicle in this category. You'll be instructed in the C1+E licence category, which is applicable to those driving a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes with a trailer above 750kg. You will receive intensive lessons, enabling thorough and intuitive knowledge to be gained of subjects such as safety, concentrating on how to perform the essential safety checks involved, as well as construction and use legislation. Intensive driving courses can usually be completed within one to two weeks, ensuring a quick and thorough qualification and the essential licence category to drive one of these powerful vehicles.

What you must know and understand before taking your practical test

Before taking your practical 7.5 Tonne with Trailer test, it's important to understand the regulations and what's expected of you. You must have the correct C1+E category licence; for this, you will generally need to complete an intensive driving course and intensive lessons. Be aware of the restrictions with this licence category, for example, that the maximum authorised mass (MAM) for the trailer must not exceed 12,000 Kg, and the gross train (MGW) weight must not exceed 32,000 Kg. Be sure to brush up on all the essential knowledge and skills and practice manoeuvres, routes and safety checks to feel confident before your test.

Practical Training

Practical training is essential to learning how to drive a 7.5-tonne vehicle with a trailer. During the practical assessments, it is important to demonstrate a competent level of driving skills and adherence to road safety rules and regulations before you can be certified. Practical training focuses on developing driver skills in space management, vehicle manoeuvres, anti-social driving scenarios, fuel economy, speed management, and trailer-tracking. By gaining a thorough understanding of vehicle safety features, such as brake systems, loading/unloading routines, hazard perception and defensive driving techniques, you can be fully prepared for your driving test.

Once you have completed your theory component of the 7.5 tonnes with trailer training, the most essential part is the practical training. This is where you'll learn how to safely and competently operate the vehicle, with various practical tests and assessments. In the practical section of the training, you'll encounter many new challenges, such as reversing the trailer in different situations, coupling and uncoupling, and carrying out basic checks. You'll also learn how to follow highway codes and perfect reversing manoeuvres. When you are on the road with your instructor, you can expect guidance on driving safely and effectively, with expert advice on handling the vehicle in different scenarios. Your instructor will be with you every step of the way, providing encouragement and instruction to build confidence and competence in your ability to safely and confidently drive the 7.5-tonne trailer.

Training Locations

Practical Training for your 7.5 Tonne with trailer qualification at our Surrey Training Locations is the most effective way to prepare for your Licence. We provide you with an experienced Tutor, a Professional Training Vehicle and some local Training Locations. Guildford Test Centre is the closest Test Centre to our Surrey Training Locations, where you can gain the qualifications you need. With experience and professional staff, we can help you get the best possible training tailored to your needs.

Driving Test

Understanding the driving test is one of the most important aspects of obtaining your 7.5 Tonne and trailer licence. The driving test should be taken at one of the HGV Training Locations in Surrey. Make sure to arrive in plenty of time for the test so that you can go through your documents to ensure your eligibility. The test will likely take around 90 minutes, and the examiner will ask each driver to demonstrate handling and manoeuvring skills, reversing, loading and unloading, and checking your understanding of road safety along the way. While you could feel daunted by the test, if you make sure you are fully prepared, it will go smoothly.

D9 Application Form.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) DVLA's website is responsible for registering and licensing all vehicles in the UK. They provide essential services to the public, so it is vital to ensure you have a valid driving licence in order to drive legally. The DVLA offer an online D9 application form for first-time applicants, which can be used to register for a full driving licence. It is essential to understand that this form requires a number of personal details, so it is only advisable to complete the form after reading and understanding all parts of it first. Once the form is completed and submitted, you can expect your driving licence to be issued within four to six weeks. It is also important to remember that you can only use the online D9 form and not a paper form. Review the online D9 application form carefully, and provide the DVLA with accurate and up-to-date information so your new driving licence can be issued as quickly as possible.


A: 7.5-tonne with trailer training, or C1+E training, is a licensing system for those who wish to drive a 'rigid' vehicle towing a trailer that exceeds 750kg. It allows drivers to drive a vehicle with a gross weight of 7,500kg or higher, towing a trailer weighing 750kg or more.  

A: Yes, to legally drive a 7.5-tonne trailer, you must have a C1+E license, which must be obtained from the DVLA. This can be obtained either through a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) course or by taking a test at your local DVLA test centre.

A: The course should take approximately 8-21 hours to complete and includes time for practical driving assessment.

A: The practical driving assessments will include observations on how you operate the vehicle, including manoeuvring, loading and safety, and interacting with those around you. In addition, you may be tested on farmer's turns, reversing, turning corners and negotiating roundabouts.

A: The practical test is accompanied by an observed theory test. This assesses your understanding and awareness of the highway code, loading, maintenance and safety.

A: The cost of the C1+E course will vary depending on the provider and the length and type of the course taken. Generally, you can expect to pay between £200-£400 for the system.

A: Yes, with a C1+E license, you will be legally entitled to drive a 7.5-tonne vehicle with a trailer and, therefore, more likely to be eligible for a truck driving job.

A: No, C1+E license holders do not require any renewal or periodic check to maintain their license.

A: The minimum age for taking the C1+E course is 18.

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