These are specifically made for younger drivers, ages 10 to 17, to help them get a head start on learning the fundamentals of driving on the road. The Junior Supercar Driving Experience days and the Young Driver Experience are different in that the former is more focused on providing a practical understanding of the abilities needed to operate a vehicle.

Numerous studies have been done, and the results show that one in five newly certified drivers will probably have an accident in their first six months of driving because they lack experience. Giving children the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills at a young age is the greatest way to stop such a statistic from happening again, and kid’s driving sessions are the ideal approach to fill the gap.

Children and young drivers seeking some kind of driving experience prior to beginning their formal instruction with a temporary licence at 18 under real-life situations might greatly benefit from driving classes for 10 to 17-year-olds.

Young Driver Training activities at GS Driver Training are planned and executed to assist junior drivers in developing their driving abilities and gaining confidence in a safe environment that mimics real-world driving scenarios. Therefore, it's a wise investment for your child's future driving profession in addition to being a terrific experience.

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