C1 10.5 Hour Course - Additions (Cat C1)

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Description -

This C1 10.5 Course allows you to drive a trailer, lorry or truck with which you can tow a tailor too, but the size of the trailer should not be more than 750kg. The weight of the truck or trailer you are driving is around 3.5 tons to 7.5 tons. In GS Driver Training you will learn the exact credential of the CAT C1 course which will help you to drive a truck or trailer professionally.

Additional Courses

Additional courses are those in which you are going to learn something new and different. These additional courses consist of information regarding the maintenance and care of the vehicle which is different from the original C1 10.5 Hour Course. GS Driver Training offers you additional courses that will be helpful to boost your driving and learning skills.

Flexible Hours

The C1 10.5 Hour Course helps to improve your driving skills. But like other people, you also live a busy life and because of this you don’t have enough time to learn the diving skill? Don’t worry GS Driver Training is here to solve this problem, now you can train yourself under different timings; part-time, full-time and weekend.  

Reasonable Prices

In the GS Driver Training you will receive high-quality instruction from our senior and most experienced instructors. You can apply for any course at the GS Driver Training for a reasonable price.

Professional Decorum

You will be taught everything in a very professional manner by our most intelligent and senior trainers. Those senior professors will make sure to address all of your questions. They will give it their all to turn you into a skilled driver. 

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