C1 10.5 Hour Course - Additions & CPC (Cat C1)

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Description -

With the help of the C1 10.5 Course you will learn to handle a trailer, lorry or truck. The approx weight of the truck, trailers or lorry is about 3.5 tons to 7.5 tons. This C1 10.5 Hour Course allows you to tow a trailer which weighs around 750kg. GS Driver Training provides you the training of the CAT C1 course which will help you to drive a truck or trailer professionally.

Additional Courses

GS Driver Training provides you some additional courses  apart from the permanent courses. Here you will get the proper training of the C1 10.5 Hour Course with the efficient knowledge.

CPC Certification

You can operate a heavy vehicle on the road if you have the CPC certification. You must take the original 35-hour CPC course to renew your CPC card every five years if you want to be able to operate a heavy vehicle in London.

Learning Hours Flexibility

Part-time, full-time, and weekend classes for the C1 10.5 Hour Course are all available through GS Driver Training. You can choose the one-time session that best suits you based on these timings.

Affordable Prices

All of GS Driver Training's courses are offered at very low costs. They provide you with high-quality instruction where you can ask your knowledgeable instructors any basic questions you may have. However, GS Driver Training offers high-quality services at extremely reasonable costs. 

Experienced Instructors

You will gain all the information you need to know about your course while being observed by your senior instructors if you apply to GS Driver Training for the C1 10.5 Hour Course.  Your senior teachers will support you at every turn and provide you with the necessary direction to become a professional driver.

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