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Class 1 HGV 21 hour Course - Book (Class 1 LGV/HGV Courses)

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This Class 1 HGV 21 hour course will permit you to handle the  category C+E vehicles, in which articulated trucks are included with an average  weight of 7.5 tonnes with one detachable trailer that weighs up to 44 tonnes. Class 1 drivers earn more than Class 2 drivers this is because they cover more distance as compared to the Class 2 drivers.

As we mentioned earlier, you have to follow the proper criteria and this is possible only when you will go through with the Class 1 HGV 21 hour course. So without thinking about any other option just join our GS Driver Training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Class 1 better than Class 2?

Long-haul trucking is best served by a Class 1 licence, whereas local and regional deliveries are better served by a Class 2 licence. Certification and training: In order to become a Class 1, you must first pass a medical exam to get a provisional licence. After that, you must pass a theory test and a hazard perception test.

How much is a HGV Class 1 licence UK?

The price of an HGV Class 1 Licence is determined by a number of factors, including the type of licence, medical examination, theoretical exam, and other comparable exams. An HGV licence typically costs between £250 and £303. A Class 1 HGV licence cannot be obtained until you pass both theoretical and practical exams.

How do I get a Class 1 licence UK?

Firstly, you need to have a valid LGV CAT C or Class 2 licence and be at least eighteen years old. Then, in order to begin training, there are a few more things you must accomplish, such as obtaining a provisional licence, passing a medical examination, passing a theory exam, and earning your periodic CPC certification.

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