Class 2 LGV/HGV Course

Class 2 HGV 14 hour Course - Additions (Class 2 LGV/HGV Course)

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Description -

The Class 2 HGV 14 Hour Course is all about authorizing you so that you will get accurate knowledge of how to drive a truck on the road that weighs over 3,500 kg with the combination of a trailer that weighs up to 750 kg. These vehicles are called rigid vehicles too because these vehicles can easily carry up to 32 tonnes of weight. These HGV vehicles are beneficial for you in terms of fulfilling your commercial needs. 
The Class 2 HGV 14 Hour Course permits you to drive the HGV vehicles to obtain the CAT C licence and CAT C1 licence. With the help of this course you will be able to gain your CAT C+E licence before the CAT C licence.

Additional Courses

GS Driver Training allows you to improve your driving skills through the courses they offer. In the Class 2 HGV 14 Hour Course you will get some additional courses also which will help to boost your theory knowledge of the rules and regulations of maintaining a HGV vehicle.

Reasonable Prices

You will get a chance to learn about the Class 2 HGV 14 Hour Course under the guidance of the senior instructors at a very affordable price.

Experienced Instructors

GS Driver Training provides you with training under experienced instructors so that you will become a professional HGV driver just like them..

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