Class 2 LGV/HGV Course

Class 2 HGV 17.5 hour Course - Additions & CPC (Class 2 LGV/HGV Course)

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Description -

In the Class 2 HGV 17.5 Hour Course you will get to know how to handle a combination of a truck that weighs over 3,500kg, and a trailer that weighs up to 750kg. These vehicles weigh up to 32 tonnes, and due to this reason, these vehicles are called rigid vehicles. You can use these HGV vehicles for local and domestic deliveries.

This Class 2 HGV 17.5 Hour Course training is very useful for those who want to become commercial vehicle drivers because they get eligibility for the CAT C licence and also for the CAT  C1 licence too. Now you are allowed to enroll yourself for the CAT C+E licence, before the CAT C licence first, according to the new rule passed by the government.

Additional Courses

GS Driver Training offers you a package of extra knowledge by adding some additional courses in it. You can easily enroll yourself for the Class 2 HGV 17.5 Hour Course, and you will get quality learning facilities from our experienced instructors.

CPC Certificate

CPC certificate allows you to drive the HGV vehicles on the road, without the CPC card you will not be able to drive the vehicles on the road. You must keep your CPC card up-to-date, this is the process that you have to repeat every 5 years through the CPC 35 hours course training.

Reasonable Prices

GS Driver Training offers you high-quality learning, some additional courses with one permanent Course of Class 2 HGV 17.5 Hour under well-experienced instructors at the very lowest price. In short, courses in GS Driver Training are very pocket-friendly.

Experienced Instructors

If you want to become a professional HGV driver then you have to train yourself under experienced instructors. But the question is where would you get these experienced instructors? The answer is at GS Driver Training, we provide you with the best instructors who will help you a lot to become a professional HGV driver.

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