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D1 10.5 Hour Course - Additions & CPC (Cat D1)

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Description -

If you want to drive a minibus with the rules and regulations then you have to go through with the D1 10.5 Hours Course once. In this course, the full information regarding the rules and regulations to operate the minibus on the road is included.

In the D1 10.5 Hours Course you will get the information

  • How to control the minibus on the road.
  • Proper care of the vehicle.
  • Knowledge of the directions while driving.
  • Knowledge of different types of turns, U-turns and S-shaped turns according to the situation.

This D1 10.5 Hours Course comes under the CAT D1, which means if you want to become a minibus driver then this course is for you. For pursuing this CAT D1 course you have to pass your medical and theory test. But after these tests, you must have your CPC card with you. Without this CPC card, you will not be able to drive a minibus, if somehow you will find to drive the minibus without the CPC card a high plenty would be charged on you.

Benefits of The D1 10.5 Hours Course

The biggest and most important benefit of this D1 10.5 Hours Course is that you will learn how to drive a minibus in the rules and regulations. Here in this course, you will understand those things you come across in the form of minor to major situations on the road in your daily lives. A well-experienced team is provided to you who will teach you all the necessary things important on the road while driving a minibus. So if you want to be part of this training then you can also take part in this D1 10.5 Hours Course, which comes under the CAT D1.

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