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D1 14 Hour Course - Additions (Cat D1)

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Description -

D1 14 Hour Course will allow you to drive a minibus, but not for your commercial use. If you want to pursue a career in driving as a minibus driver then you can apply for this D1 14 Hour Course which comes under the D1 category. 

Importance of The D1 14 Hour Course

  • The  D1 14 Hours Course will teach you the exact rules and regulations for driving a minibus.
  • You will face a different situation which boosts your confidence level.
  • Here you will learn the skills to operate a bus or minibus with proper concentration.
  • You will learn how to take responsibility for the passengers.
  • In the D1 14 Hours Course you will learn how you can drive a minibus in several situations.

How Can You Get a Cat D1 License in The UK?

  • You can get your CAT D1 licence after the completion of these certain things:
  • You have to be medically fit.
  • You have to go through with the proper revision so that you can pass your theory test easily.
  • You have to face a practical test.

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