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D1 17.5 Hour Course - Additions (Cat D1)

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Description -

D1 17.5 Hour Course permits you to drive a minibus. If you are interested in operating a minibus then you can opt for this D1 17.5 Hour Course which comes under the D1 category. But you can’t drive a minibus for your commercial benefits and if you want to do so then the CPC card is a must. Now the question arises: What is the CPC card and how will you get that? 

The CPC card is a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence which includes 35 hours of module training, which means you have to update your CPC card every 5 years by completing your CPC training. A CPC card is your provisional licence which allows you to operate a minibus on the road. So always remember to keep your CPC card with you while driving a minibus otherwise plenty will be charged on you.

Why is The D1 17.5 Hours Course Important?

  • In the D1 17.5 Hours Course you will understand the rules and regulations while driving a minibus.
  • In this course, you will experience how to deal with tragic situations while driving. 
  • You will learn how smoothly you can take turns, U-turns and S-shaped turns.
  • This course will provide you with knowledge on how to take proper care of the minibus.
  • In the D1 17.5 Hours Course you will understand how safely a vehicle can be operated.

How do I Get a Cat D License in The UK?

You can get your CAT D licence after the completion of these certain things:

  • Medical test
  • Theory test
  • Practical test
  • CPC course training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Drive a 9 Seater Minibus on a Car Licence UK?

Yes, you can drive a 9 seater vehicle privately but due to you having only 8 passengers or less than 8 passengers with you, that’s why it is not considered as a bus or minibus.

What is a CPC Licence in The UK?

CPC is a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, it will be carried by you while driving a lorry, bus or minibus. You have to update your CPC card by doing the 35-hour module training every 5 years, before the deadline.

Which Countries Accept CPC Certification?

The CPC certification is accepted by the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and the Gulf countries.

How Will The D1 17.5 Hours Course Help You?

The D1 17.5 Hours Course will help you to operate a minibus properly and systematically. So that in the future you will become a professional minibus driver with a lot of experience. 

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