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D1 17.5 Hour Course - Book (Cat D1)

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The D1 17.5 Hour Course conducts a full training program in which you learn how to drive a minibus with the proper rules and regulations. You can drive a minibus with 9 to 16 passengers. In this D1 17.5 Hour Course you will learn so many things related to minibus driving. You will learn how to operate a minibus with proper concentration, how to control a minibus on the road and how smoothly a minibus can be controlled by you with the proper safety of the passengers.


The D1 17.5 Hour Course is listed under the CAT D1. This D1 CAT allows you to operate a minibus with a length of 8 meters and you can tow a 750kg trailer with it. The D1 licence permits you to drive with 9 to 16 passengers in a minibus.

Flexible Learning Hours

GS Driver Training offers you flexible learning hours, which means if somehow you get busy with your working schedule then you can attend the D1 17.5 Hour Course part-time, full time and on weekends also. So that you can manage both your workload and your course training simultaneously.

Affordable Prices

GS Driver Training offers you very affordable prices with a lot of learning. GS Driver Training is pocket-friendly, that’s why it is very famous among the people.

Well, Professional Decorum

GS Driver Training appoints well-intelligent and experienced instructors for you, who help you in every step of your learning. The instructors will give their 100% to you so that you will become a professional driver.

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