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D1 7 Hour Course - Additions & CPC (Cat D1)

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The D1 7 Hour Course is very useful to you if you want to become a minibus driver. This course covers all the information which is useful to operate a minibus. In this D1 7 Hour Course you will understand how different commands can operate a minibus differently. The rules and regulations that are necessary for a minibus driver while driving are also included in this D1 7 Hour Course.


CAT D1 licence permits you to handle a minibus of 8 meters in length, which can tow a trailer that weighs approx 750kg. In your minibus between 9 to 16 passengers can travel easily.

CPC Certification

A Driver Certificate of Professional Competence card also known as DQC ( Driver Qualification Card ), contains 35 hours of module training, in which you have to learn for 7 hours in 5 days. This CPC card is a must to carry for you while driving a minibus or bus. You have to ensure that your CPC card is updated or not, if not then read the deadline date mentioned on the CPC card and take a 35-hour module training to keep it updated

Additional Courses

In GS Driver Training you will be awarded with some extra or additional courses which will help to improve your driving skills and help to deal with hazardous situations.

Flexible Hours

In today’s busy schedule where no one has time to learn some extra things, GS Driver Training offers you a D1 7 Hour Course in which you can learn driving skills at your convenience. GS Driver Training runs part-time, full time and weekend learning programs.

Reasonable Prices

In the GS Driver Training you will get affordable prices for every course, which includes LGV, and HGV training courses.

Professional Decorum

The team of GS Driver Training is very skillful. They will teach you everything in a very professional way. Those senior instructors will make sure to solve your every single query.


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