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D1 7 Hour Course - Book (Cat D1)

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The D1 7 Hour Course is for those who want to become minibus or bus drivers. In this D1 7 Hour Course you will get to know how a minibus can be operated on the road and how much the safety of the passengers is important. This course will teach you the real meaning of rules and regulations while driving a minibus or bus.

CAT D1 Licence Course

The CAT D1 licence course is all about allowing you to drive a minibus or bus. But there are two conditions you have to keep in mind: you can drive with only 9 to 16 passengers and you can tow a trailer with a weight of 750kg.

Learning Hours Flexibility

GS Driver Training offers you a D1 7 Hour Course in which you can learn driving skills at your convenience. GS Driver Training offers you part-time learning programs, full time learning programs and weekend learning programs. 
Genuine Prices:-  GS Driver Training offers you genuine prices for their D1 7 Hour Course. This training will update your driving skills. Here you will learn a lot of things at a very affordable price.


You can join GS Driver Training to take more benefits in your driving learning skills. Our senior instructors will enhance your driving skills, which will help you to become a professional minibus driver.

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