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D1+E 14 Hour Course - Additions (Cat D1+E)

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In the D1+E 14 hour course, you will get to know how properly you can operate a minibus and tow a trailer within it. If you want to drive a minibus with the same criteria to tow a trailer behind it then, you need a D1+E licence. Our experienced team at GS Driver Training will provide you with professional training with the proper rules and regulations. The weight of the trailer should not exceed 750 kg, but the combined weight of the minibus and the trailer should not exceed more than 12,000 kg.

Additional Courses

Everyone needs to grow better, but the most crucial thing to think about is how you'll get the opportunity to do so. GS Driver Training offers you the chance to learn new things, there's no need to worry anymore. For this, we offer a few relevant supplementary courses same with the D1+E 14 hour course.

Flexible Hours

It's very tough to have flexibility with your schedule because without it, you won't be able to grow personally or take on new challenges. As a result, GS Driver Training offers you three different time slots, and we allow you to select the one that suits you better, we offer full-time, part-time, and weekend schedules to you.

Professional Trainers

If you are looking to train yourself to learn how to operate a minibus and tow a trailer behind it, then you can join GS Driver Training. We have individuals who are available to offer professional guidance and assistance whenever you need.

Reasonable Costing

You usually have to choose between two options because you can't have the best services and the lowest prices at the same time. But for a very affordable price, you can get first-rate assistance from our knowledgeable experts at GS Driver Training in addition to a few additional courses. 

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