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D1+E 14 Hour Course - Additions & CPC (Cat D1+E)

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Description -

This 14 hour d1+e course will enable you to drive a minibus and tow a trailer. All you need is a d1+e licence, which our staff at GS Driver Training will assist you in obtaining. Upon obtaining your d1+e licence, you can effortlessly pull a trailer behind your minibus.

A trailer's observed weight needs to exceed 750 kg. But bear in mind that the minibus and trailer shouldn't weigh more than 12,000 kg altogether.

Things to be Noted While Going for the D1+E 14 Hour Course 

  • It should be mandatory to earn a D1 licence before enrolling in the d1+e 14-hour course. 
  • You ought to be eighteen years old.
  • Only 16 people can travel in a minibus that you are permitted to drive.

Additional Courses

To make things easier for you, GS Driver Training is providing a few more courses at a very affordable price along with the d1+e 14-hour course.

CPC Certification

You must have a CPC card when operating HGV or LGV trucks on public roads. If you are caught operating a vehicle without the CPC certification or CPC card, you will be subject to a very steep fine.

Flexibility in Training Hours

You can train yourself at your convenience with GS Driver Training. For your convenience, we provide weekend-based training, full-time training, and part-time training.

Professionalism in Training

You'll discover that GS Driver Training provides accurate instruction and effective understanding. Thanks to our excellent team and their expertise, this is feasible. Our staff will provide you with a great deal of assistance in becoming a skilled minibus driver who can tow a trailer. 

Affordable Pricing

One thing should be obvious to you from what you've read so far: we provide our prospects with top-notch services while they're being watched over by our knowledgeable staff. To enable you to continue your education, we provide all of these services to you at incredibly low costs. 

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