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D1+E 14 Hour Course - Book (Cat D1+E)

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With the help of the D1+E 14 hour course, you will be able to drive a minibus, because this course will help you to understand exactly the rules and regulations while driving a minibus on the road. Once you get the full knowledge about the minibus and its maintenance, then you will be able to drive the minibus in hazardous situations too.

One more thing you need to know is that with the help of this d1+e 14 hour course you can easily tow a trailer with a weight of 750 kg, but keep in mind that the combined weight of the trailer and the minibus should be 12,000 kg.

Flexible Training Hours

Flexibility in training hours is very rare, no one is going to allow you to attend the training courses at your convenient time. But at GS Driver Training you will get this facility too. We are offering flexible training hours for those who are not able to get the time from their busy schedule. GS Driver Training provides the D1+E 14 hour course at three different time slots, part-time, full-time or on a weekend basis. Now it is up to you that at what time you can attend your training. If you want more clarification regarding this then you can connect with us.  

Professional Instructors

Without professionalism and concentration no one can do anything. That’s why at GS Driver Training, we are focusing on providing the right instructor to our candidate so that you can learn a lot and become an experienced driver who can easily handle the HGV/LGV vehicles.

Reasonable Pricing

Affordable prices with high quality services are always an issue for people because no one gets the exact services they want. Same issue with driving training courses, some are providing services at affordable prices but their services are not good whether some are doing their jobs just for their benefits. So stop looking here and there because GS Driver Training provides you with high quality services under the guidance of our experienced instructors at a very affordable price. Here you will get a chance to learn something extra as we are offering some additional courses too.  

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