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D1+E 7 Hour Course - Additions (Cat D1+E)

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GS Driver Training offers you the D1+E 7 hour course, which covers the knowledge about the minibus, its maintenance and most importantly you will get the authority to drive a minibus on the road along with the trailer that weighs around 750 kg, or in other words you can say that you can tow a trailer along with a minibus. The weight of both of these should not be increased by more than 12,000 kg.  

Additional Courses

In addition to the d1+e 7-hour course, GS Driver Training provides you with a few other courses to further your education.

Flexible Hours

 You will be able to train yourself at GS Driving Training in three different time slots: weekend, full-time, and part-time. We offer this service because we respect your time and recognize the significance of education. For this reason, we guarantee to give you our best services and are prepared to work at your convenience.

Professional Trainers

A vital component of any training program, or any training facility that will offer it, is professionalism. Professionalism is the cornerstone of everything manners at GS Driver Training. With the assistance of our qualified staff, you can obtain the D1+E 7-hour course here.

Reasonable Costing

Individuals are searching for the finest deals on services, but what they are getting is a huge con. However, GS Driver Training offers all the required services at incredibly low costs. Join us right away if you want to benefit from our experienced team, extra courses, and excellent learning opportunities.  

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