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D1+E 7 Hour Course - Book (Cat D1+E)

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You will be able to drive a minibus with the aid of the D1+E 7-hour course, as it will help you comprehend all of the rules and guidelines that must be followed when operating a minibus on the road. You will be able to operate the minibus in risky circumstances after you have a thorough understanding of it and how to maintain it.  

One additional thing you should know is that you may easily tow a 750 kg trailer with the aid of this D1+E 7 hour course. However, bear in mind that the minibus and trailer should weigh a total of 12,000 kg.

Flexible Training Hours

It is extremely uncommon for training hours to be flexible; nobody will let you attend classes whenever it is most convenient for you. However, GS Driver Training also provides this amenity. For individuals who can't find the time due to their hectic schedules, we provide flexible training hours. The D1+E 7 hour course is offered by GS Driver Training in three different time slots: part-time, full-time, or on the weekends. You now have the choice of when to show up for your training. You can get in touch with us if you need any explanation on this. 

Professional Instructors

Nothing can be accomplished by anyone without professionalism and focus. For this reason, at GS Driver Training, we put a lot of effort into matching our candidates with the best instructors possible so that they may gain a lot of knowledge and develop into skilled drivers who can operate HGV and LGV trucks with ease.

Reasonable Pricing

People usually struggle to find high-quality services at reasonable prices since they can never get exactly what they desire. The same problem exists with driving instruction programs; while some offer their services at reasonable costs, the quality of their work is questionable, and some instructors only work for personal gain. So stop searching around because GS Driver Training offers you excellent services at a very reasonable cost, all under the direction of our knowledgeable instructors. Here, you will have the opportunity to study more because we are also providing some more courses. 

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