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Driver CPC 28 Hours Course

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In the Driver CPC 28 Hours Course you must attend the training at least for 4 days, 7 hours multiplied by 4 days is equal to 28 hours, that’s why it is called Driver CPC 28 Hours Course. Only after receiving your CPC certificate will you be permitted to operate rigid vehicles like trucks, trailers, or lorries. You cannot operate any of these vehicles without this CPC certificate, and if you are caught operating a rigid vehicle without this card, you will be subject to heavy fines.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Hours is a CPC Module?

There are 7 hours for the CPC module training, which means you have to attend the 7 hours training for the 5 days and that is equal to 35 hours. That’s why it is called CPC 35 hours of training. If you are going for the 4 days training then it will be called 28 hours of module training, 3 days of CPC training is called 21 hours of module training and only a 1 day CPC training is called 7 hours of module training.

Does a CPC Expire?

Yes, but to keep your CPC card up to date you need to complete your 35 hours module training before the 5 years deadline. Your expiry deadline is mentioned on your CPC card.

What is a Driver CPC Initial Qualification?

All new drivers with a C1 or higher license who desire to drive professionally or where the usage of the vehicle would be classified as "hire & reward" must obtain an initial driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence).

Is Driver CPC Hard?

You have 90 minutes to complete 100 questions, and 85 of them must be answered properly for you to pass. Sometimes there may be more than one right answer; the test will inform you if this is the case. To evaluate a comment you're not sure about later, you can "flag" it. awareness of the danger.

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