Fast track C+E 28 hour course - Additions & CPC (Fast Track C+E Course)

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You may choose to enrol in the Fast Track C+E 28-hour course with the CAT C+E licence before the CAT C licence. However, the primary reason for selecting this course is the idea of the Fast Track C+E 28 Hour Course, which will save you money and time. You can easily apply for your desired employment in the HGV and LGV categories after completing this course.

You receive self-training at GS Driver Training from a knowledgeable staff. Here, you will learn how to operate a car safely so that you can make it through challenging circumstances. It is certain that you will become a professional driver if you take all the processes seriously.

It is quite hard to find affordable, high-quality education—you will only find one of them. However, with GS Driver Training, you will receive instruction, hands-on training, and an excellent understanding of the courses you choose for the lowest possible cost. Our primary goal is to allay your concerns and give you the appropriate direction.

A CPC card is a must, and to get the CPC card you must train yourself under the initial CPC 35-hour course. You have to update your CPC card every 5 years.

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