Fast Track C+E Course

Fast track C+E 35 hour course - Additions & CPC (Fast Track C+E Course)

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The Fast Track C+E 35 Hour Course provides you with a lot of benefits, in which you will save your money as well as your time. If you are thinking of applying for the Fast Track C+E 35 Hour Course then you can easily go first for the CAT C+E test without opting for the CAT C test. Now without any delay, you can immediately apply for the jobs of a large range of HGV/LGV after the successful completion of the Fast Track C+E 35 Hour Course test.

Additional Courses

In addition to the Fast Track C+E 35 Hour Course, GS Driver Training offers you a package of some extra knowledge. You may improve both your learning and driving skills by taking these additional courses.

CPC Certificate

Without a CPC card, you cannot operate large vehicles on the road. A CPC card allows you to operate the HGV vehicles. Therefore, you must always carry your CPC card with you. After every five years, you should be required to take the 35-hour CPC course to renew your CPC card.

Reasonable Prices

You can receive top-notch instruction from the instructors of GS Driver Training, in which you will get some additional courses with one choosing training course like Fast Track C+E 35 Hour Course.  Here, you can learn everything at a very affordable cost.

Experienced Instructors

Under the instruction of our skilled instructors, you will learn the Fast Track C+E 35 Hour Course easily. In terms of learning quality, GS Driver Training is the best option for you; we will make sure to provide you with enough useful information so that you can drive safely. 

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