HGV Class 1 or 2 (45 min)

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HGV also known as Heavy Goods Vehicles are mainly of two types HGV Class 1 and HGV Class 2. At GS Driver Training you will get all the related courses of HGV including HGV Class 1 or 2 (45 min) schedule training. Our motive is to update our candidates with every piece of information that will be helpful for them to become a professional HGV driver.

Class C+E vehicles, which are articulated lorries weighing 7.5 tonnes or more and having detachable cabs and trailers that can typically carry loads of up to 44 tonnes, can be driven by a Class 1 HGV driver. Class 1 drivers, who frequently make more money than Class 2 drivers, are able to travel long distances.  

Class 2 HGV drivers are authorised to operate anything up to a class C vehicle, which includes 7.5-ton 'rigid' lorries with non-detachable cabs and trailers. The load range for "rigids" is 25–30 tonnes. Those with Class 2 licences are typically hired for short-distance travel or errands between and within cities.  

A slight difference between the HGV Class 1 and HGV Class 2 states that HGV Class 2 drivers are limited to operating "rigid" lorries on short-haul routes, while HGV Class 1 drivers are permitted to operate articulated lorries on long-haul routes.

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