HGV Class 1 or 2 (60 min)

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An HGV Class 2 licence only permits you to drive a vehicle over 7.5 tonnes without a trailer, but an HGV Class 1 licence allows you to drive a vehicle weighing more than 7.5 tonnes with a trailer. Long-distance trucking is best served by an HGV Class 1 licence, but local and regional deliveries are better served by an HGV Class 2 licence.

Before taking the theory test and hazard perception test, you must pass the medical to receive a provisional licence and become eligible for an HGV Class 1. After passing these, you will normally go through a 5-day practical course in the articulated vehicle, with the fifth day serving as the test day.

You will be able to pursue a greater variety of HGV employment prospects, such as waste management, foreign deliveries, and long-haul transportation if you hold an HGV Class 1 licence. Construction and trash management, as well as local and regional deliveries, are better suited for an HGV Class 2 licence.

An HGV Class 1 licence can be the best option for you if you're interested in heavy-load transportation and long-distance trucking. An HGV Class 2 licence, however, would be more appropriate if you're interested in local, short-distance and regional deliveries.

Whichever licence you decide on, it's critical to complete the required training and certification to guarantee you are adequately equipped for a career operating heavy goods vehicles. GS Driver Training ensures you provide you the training that covers all the necessary information about the HGV and its related HGV Class 1 or 2 (60 min) training courses.

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