Class 2 LGV/HGV Course

HGV (Lorry) - Theory Training

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Large goods vehicle drivers can improve their competence and confidence in their work role with HGV training. They will get knowledge on how to operate their vehicles in challenging circumstances, handle hazardous items or goods that may need to be transported, and drive on various kinds of roadways.

Before going for the HGV theory training test, grab the information about how many steps you go through for this. The HGV theory test is divided into two parts: the first one is multiple-choice questions and the second one is hazard perception. The multiple-choice contains 100 questions from which you have to correct at least 85, and you just get 115 minutes to complete this whole process.

What are the main topics Covered in the Theory Test?

In the main topics of the HGV theory training test the multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception test are included. 
The multiple-choice portions of the HGV theory training test are designed to assess the applicant's general understanding of operating a heavy vehicle. The most important topics from which you can prepare your maximum theory part are:- 

  • Rules and regulations of safe driving. 
  • Proper knowledge about working hours and time management. 
  • Maintenance of the documentation.
  • Responsibility for safe driving on the road. 
  • Knowledge of the basic driving techniques.
  • Awareness about safe parking.

What are the main topics covered under Hazard Perception? 

The Hazard Perception component of the HGV theory test comes next, and it evaluates your capacity to recognize and respond to possible hazards that you might come across while driving. As previously stated, the exam is taken on a screen.

You will be shown 19 different video clips, each lasting about 60 seconds, during your hazard perception test. Every video is shot from the driver's point of view and features a range of potential risks that could prompt you to react right away. 

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