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Initial CPC MOD 2 and 4

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The Initial CPC MOD 2 and 4 course is divided into two modules, the one is module 2 and the second one is module 4. Driver CPC, which means the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. It is the certificate that is provided by the instructor to you after the successful completion of your theory and practical test. This test is basically for those who are truck, trailer or lorry drivers.

Importance Of The Initial CPC MOD 2 and 4 

If you are supposed to drive rigid vehicles such as trucks, trailers and lorries, then this is important for you to have your CPC certificate with you. This CPC certificate indicates that you completed your theory as well as your practical test.

For the CPC certificate, you must complete 35 hr of your periodic training. After getting this CPC certificate you would be able to drive trucks, trailers or lorries.

After the completion of your CPC course, you will be able to get your CPC card. There is one condition that you always keep in your mind and that is, you have to carry your CPC card with you while driving. 

Initial CPC MOD 2 Course 

As you know this Initial CPC MOD 2 and 4 consist of two module courses. The module 2 course is that which includes the theory test. You will provide 90 minutes for your test which contains around six to seven case studies. You have to score good marks on it. All the questions are based on real-life situations, some situations are based on LGV/HGV related.

Initial CPC MOD 4 Course

This CPC module 4 contains a practical test. This practical test depends upon some “show me- tell me” questions. The duration is one day, which means your training starts in the morning and your practical test is conducted in the afternoon. You have to score at least 85 marks out of 100.

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