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In the LGV 1 Lesson course the C+E  training will provide you, in which you learn how to operate trailers and tractors. But before this, you must have a CAT C licence in your hand and you will get this CAT C license from the LGV 2 course. There are some steps you need to keep in mind while going for the LGV 1 Lesson Course:

  • Your age should be at least 18.
  • You must have your CAT C licence with you. 
  • Make sure to clear your medical test and your theory test.
  • Your CPC certification is a must for the LGV 1 Lesson course.

What is LGV C1?

LGV C1 provides you with training to operate trucks, lorries, trailers and tractors, but the real motive behind this is that you have to tow a small trailer into it. The average weight of any LGV C1 vehicle is 3500kg.

What is a CPC Licence 

CPC certification stands for Certificate of Professional Competence. This CPC certificate will be issued when you successfully pass your medical test and your theory test. It is mandatory to carry this CPC certificate with you while driving a truck or lorry.

How to Pass the LGV Test? 

Firstly, the question arises: What exactly is an LGV test? So in the LGV test, you need to face at least 5 show me- tell me questions. The test will contain 100 marks and the passing mark is 85. You have to be calm, otherwise, you can lose your concentration also. Just bring your licence with you while coming for the test.

Note that if you don’t bring your licence with you, then no test will be conducted. Good preparation plays an important role and reduces half of the stress. No need to worry about the results. Just be confident and focus on your test, so that you can easily give your test without any tension or stress.

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