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Manual Car Lesson 35 Hour - Driving Test (Cat B)

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In the CAT B course you can learn two different learning methods in different ways. But you are allowed to drive only automatic vehicles. In the first method, you need to pass your driving test before 1 January 1997 only then you can operate the vehicle and the trailer with a weight of 8,250kg and you can also operate a minibus with the trailer around 750kg. The second method is in which you have to pass your driving test after 1 January 1997 only then you are advised to operate a vehicle of 3500kg with a capacity of only 8 passengers.

Manual Car Lesson 35 Hour Course

This Manual Car Lesson 35 Hour course is actively spread in the UK. This is an easier method of learning but only when you are keen to learn something new and ready to explore the world in a new way, only then you can learn this course in one attempt. Shifting the gears is the trickiest part of this Manual Car Lesson. It is important to use the clutch along with the gears while driving.

This Manual Car Lesson course is divided into three pedals

Clutch pedal

Your left foot applies the pressure on the clutch pedal, which is located on your left side.

Brake pedal

Your right foot presses the brake pedal, which is in the center.

Accelerator pedal

Your right foot uses the accelerator, which is located on the right side.

In the Manual Car Lesson 35 Hour - Driving Test we are going to put some light on the essential things:

Here you will learn about Safety checks, Signals, Your position on the road, Speed, Reading Road Signs, Emergency Stop, Parallel parking, Hazard awareness, Passengers and loads, Security, Satellite navigation etc.

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