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Manual Car Lesson 40 Hour - Theory Training (Cat b)

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Welcome to our Manual Car Lesson 40 Hour - Theory Training program (Cat B)! At GS Driver Training, we understand the importance of complete and structured training when it comes to mastering manual car driving. Our training program is designed to provide learners with the required theoretical learning and practical skills to confidently handle a manual transmission vehicle. 

Over the course of 40 hours, our professional instructors will instruct you through a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from understanding the workings of a manual gearbox to mastering gear shifting techniques. You will delve into the principles of clutch control, gear selection, and coordination of pedals for a smooth driving experience. 

Our theory training sessions are interactive and engaging, offering you with a solid foundation of knowledge. You will learn about street rules, traffic signs, and essential safety precautions to ensu

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