How to Get Your CPC Card- Know All About it!

Have you planned to drive a heavy goods vehicle? Of course, you have got your HGV licence after all. So how are you planning to get your driver’s certificate of professional competence?

Yes, we know this is why you are here.

If you plan to join a company and drive a bus, coach or lorry for them professionally, you will need a Driver CPC card.

Once you have cleared all four parts of your HGV driver training, you will get your licence in a few days. It is not where things end. You will need a Driver CPC if you want to earn.

A driver certificate of professional competence (CPC) is also known as a Driver qualification card (DQC). It was introduced in Europe. It is a qualification certificate if you want to drive an HGV professionally. The aim to bring this CPC was to support road safety.

In this blog, we will learn how to get your CPC card. Also, we will know about other requirements that you should know about.

To clear your HGV driver training, you need the best training centre. Here are the courses offered by GS driver training.

  1. 7.5 tonne (C1+E) driving courses with trailer
  2. Class 1 LGV/HGV courses
  3. CAT C1
  4. CAT D
  5. CAT D1
  6. CAT D1+E
  7. Fast Track C+E Course
  8. Driver CPC courses

HGV Training

How to get your driver certificate of professional competence

  • Get qualified for your HGV driving licence by clearing all four parts of the test. Once you are through, you can apply for a driver certificate of professional competence.
  • After getting your HGV licence you need to complete 35 hours of periodic training. As you get cleared, you will get your driver CPC and can start driving professionally.
  • If you complete your training within 12 months (before the deadline), you will get your New CPC card immediately.

Key Points to Remember

  • If you are driving a lorry, bus, or coach professionally, never forget your driver CPC card at home. There is a fixed penalty of £50 for not caring for the card on duty.
  • If your driving licence address doesn’t match your present address, you should get it changed beforehand.
  • You will receive your driver’s CPC card at the address written on your driving licence. If you do not get it updated you will have to pay £25.
  • If you don’t receive your driver CPC card within 20 days of qualification, you can inform DVSA (Driver and vehicle standards agency). If you do not tell them within three months, you will be charged £25.
  • If you shift to a new place, you don’t need to get your Driver’s CPC Card updated as the address is not mentioned there.
  • The sign and photo of your driving licence are used in the Driver’s CPC card.
  • If you have done training in an EU country, you can apply for the driver’s certificate of professional competence.

While you are Waiting for your Card

If you have completed your 35 hours of periodic training but not got the driver CPC card, you don’t need to wait. You can start driving professionally after you complete your periodic training and get the recorded training video from your trainer. You can get the video anytime within five working days after training.

How to get your CPC card from the UK if you have a driving licence from other countries

If you have your HGV driving licence from any other country than Great Britain, you have two options to get a Great Britain Driver CPC card:

  • Complete your periodic training in Scotland, England or Wales
  • Get your licence exchanged. You should have a code 95 entitlement mentioned on your Non-great Britain driving licence.

Complete your Periodic Training in Great Britain

You can get your Great Britain CPC card if you have completed your periodic training in Scotland, Wales or England.

You need to work and live in England if you are from these countries

  • An EU country
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Jersey
  • Switzerland
  • Guernsey
  • Isle of Man
  • Gibraltar
  • Liechtenstein

To apply for a driver CPC card, you will have to send an email to DVSA (driver and vehicle standard agency) asking for the dorm DQC1.

Get your Licence Exchanged

You have to send your other country’s driving licence to DVSA with a short email. It should include:

  • Your driving licence number
  • Phone number
  • Name and address

You will receive your new Driver CPC card with the same number on your licence.

After you complete your 35-hour periodic training in Wales, Scotland and England, you will get the qualification certificate for five years.

So these are some important things you should know before you apply for your Driver CPC card. We hope your question “How to get a CPC card” is answered perfectly.

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