Staying Legal – Important Rules on Drivers’ Hours and Working Time

As an employer of an HGV driver, it is crucial to remain for driver’s hours and for other rest time. Finally decide how to handle the situation of tiredness, as well as the loss of attention, which may be deadly in hand of HGV. These rules play an essential role because it covers all the rest period and working hours of the HGV driver. In this kind of situation, controlled on the LGV/HGV driver hours because they are driving something which may cause damages to themselves as well as other road users. So if they lose their control, then these are some basic rules about the HGV drivers’ working hours, and you need to know about it.

Driver’s Hours Rules HGV Driver Hours and Rest

The rest period of heavy good vehicle driver approximately 11 hours because an 11 hour or more days rest is required, drivers can divide their rest hours into two parts as the first part at least 3 hours and then they can take 9 hours in their second part of rest hours at any time. 

Split Breaks 

Some HGV drivers work for 2 hours; they can only take a 15-minute break and others who work another 2 hours, they can take at least 30-minute break, moreover, if you work for another 4.5 hours then you need to do it with your work because you cannot take 30-minute break after your 15-minute break. 

Weekly Limits 

There are some weekly hour’s limits for HGV drivers; you can do 10 hours of maximum work twice a week. 

Multi-Week Pattern 

If we discuss the work hours of HGV driver training per week, then they are allowed to spend their 90 hours working over two weeks. If you work 56 hours per week, then you cannot do work the same 56 hours in a second week because our total working hours are 90 for two weeks. So, in the second week, you need to give your 34 hours to work. 

Other Work and Daily Rest 

Rest is a required part of doing your most exceptional work, being more productive at work, and is something more of us expect to prioritize. So, you need to take the least of 11 hours rest per day to ensure that you do not feel tired, if you’re working sessions start from 7 pm to 6 am, then, you need rest, and any other work you do outside driving cannot occur during this time. In case you’re working period start between 6 am and 9 pm, then, you can reduce your rest time but at least take 9 hours to rest in this session of working but from 7 pm to 6 am, you must to make full 11-hour periods of rest. 

Carrying Your Records 

You need to carry your working hour’s record every time with you, not only a current driving day but also for the left 28 days. If someone wants to collect more information about this, then they can contact us at any time. 

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