Essentials about LGV Theory Test and Practical Test

LGV’s are large goods vehicles. These are heavy and rigid vehicles; the relevant driving tests need to be completed to be able to drive LGV’s. There are certain steps that need to be taken following the government guidelines to get the correct license for the size of vehicle you are looking to drive.

The process in getting your license always begins with a medical check to ensure you are fit and healthy to safely drive an LGV. Following the medical check, you can apply for the relevant provisional entitlement for the LVG size you wish to drive. Once this has been honoured you can move onto completing the theory tests and then onto the practical tests.

LGV Theory Test Preparation/Tests

The LGV theory tests include a multiple-choice test and a hazard perception test. Online revision guides / apps can be found to help revise the relevant information needed to pass these tests.

The Multiple-choice test consists of 100 questions, and you have 1 hr 55 minutes to complete them. To pass this test you need to score 85 marks out of the 100. The Hazard perception involves watching 19 video clips which contains hazards which you must pinpoint. You can be awarded up to 100 marks, 67 are needed to pass the test.

LGV Practical Test Preparation/Tests

For the LGV practical test, two tests need to be taken to fully pass. The first test that needs completing is the 3a. test: off-road exercises. This test can last up to 30 minutes and includes a ‘S’ shaped reverse into a bay, and a showing of uncoupling and recoupling procedure if you are taking a test with a trailer. Once this has been passed you can move onto the 3b. test.

The 3b. practical test includes safety questions and 1 hour of practical road driving. 10 minutes of the practical road driving will be independent driving designed to test your ability to drive safely. You will need to make 12 or fewer driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults to pass the test. The above completes the process on how to get your LGV Driving license. A HGV driving school can help guide you through all the steps making the process easy and stress free.

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