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B+E 2 Day Course - Book (Caravan Course)

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You have to go through the B+E 2 Day Course if you are looking to tow a caravan in the UK with a car, this is called the Caravan Course. You can operate a car that falls under CAT B, which includes a caravan weighing little more than 3,500 kg if you complete a caravan course.

You can use your car and trailer for this practical, hands-on driving training. You can register for GS Driver Training's B+E 2-Day Course if you don't currently own a caravan or if you want some towing experience. The course is taught one-on-one and consists of both on-road and off-road towing activities.

1. What is a Caravan in the UK?

The UK trailer is a wheeled dwelling that can be towed by a car and is used for living or touring, particularly while on vacation. It usually has beds and cooking appliances.

2. Who Uses a Caravan?

The caravan is used by a group of traders, pilgrims, or travelers who are traveling together. They typically do so to protect one another in hazardous environments like deserts.

3. What is the Particular Age Limit for Towing a Caravan UK?

While there is no minimum age to tow a caravan, your driving licence expires at age 70 and needs to be renewed every three years in order to keep driving.

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