Just consider what you now understand after hearing about the caravan before continuing. You must complete the B+E 4-Day Course, sometimes referred to as the Caravan Course, in order to find out the solution to this query. You can operate a car that falls under CAT B, which includes a caravan weighing little more than 3,500 kg if you complete a caravan course.

There is no permit needed to pull a caravan; it all depends on how heavy the load is going to be. If it's heavy, upgrading your licence can require you to pass the relevant category driving test. This will change depending on which category test you passed and when.

When driving a caravan on a single-lane road, you shouldn't go faster than fifty miles per hour. When towing on a motorway or dual road, you should not go faster than sixty miles per hour. It is not permitted to tow a caravan on the outside lane of a motorway.

Whether you are going on a weekend getaway or a national tour, you can travel securely and happily if you know local towing rules and feel confident operating your caravan.

Hauling a rigid vehicle can be somewhat stressful, as everyone knows. Manoeuvring and reversing the caravan itself can cause fatigue and anxiety after a trip, in addition to driving on highways and other routes. Because of this, GS Driver Training makes sure you travel with confidence and competence and get where you're going with ease and happiness.

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