C1+E Driving Courses

C1 10.5 Hour Course - Additions (C1+E)

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Description -

  • Comprehensive C1 10.5 Hour Course Additions (C1+E) for aspiring experienced drivers.
  • Improve your driving skills with our quality C1+E training courses.
  • Learn advanced methods for manoeuvring, reversing, coupling and uncoupling trailers.
  • Understand the legal essentials and rules associated with driving C1+E vehicles.
  • Develop confidence in driving long-haul journeys and operating heavy goods vehicles.
  • Highly experienced instructors with comprehensive industry experience guide you via the course.
  • Hands-on practical training sessions to sharpen your driving abilities.
  • Flexible timing opportunities to accommodate your busy lifestyle.
  • Get a competitive edge in the job market with our C1+E certification.

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