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C1 10.5 Hour Course - Additions & CPC (C1+E)

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Description -

In this C1 10.5 Hour Course, you will learn how to handle heavy vehicles on the road. This course contains information regarding the rules and regulations of driving heavy vehicles. C1 10.5 Hour Course covers information on how heavy vehicles can be controlled easily by you. The proper knowledge of the management of the signals will be provided by this C1 10.5 Hour Course. All types of turns and U-turns are covered under this course. You will learn some additional things with the help of your senior instructor.

Learning Hours Flexibility

GS Driver Training offers a C1 10.5 Hour Course on a part-time, full-time and weekend basis. These timings depend upon you, you can go with the one-time slot which suits you better.

Additional Courses

GS Driver Training provides additional courses simultaneously with the permanent courses. Here you will get the knowledge of the C1 10.5 Hour Course with some additional courses.

CPC Certification

The CPC certification allows you to drive a heavy vehicle on the road. You have to update your CPC card every 5 years by doing the initial CPC 35 hour course otherwise you will not be allowed to drive a heavy vehicle on the road in London.

Affordable Prices

GS Driver Training provides all their courses at very affordable prices. They offer you high learning in which you can clear your basic doubts with the help of your experienced instructors. Although you will find high-quality services from GS Driver Training at very suitable prices. 

Experienced Instructors

If you are applying in GS Driver Training for the C1 10.5 Hour Course then you will learn all the necessary things related to your course in the observation of your senior instructors.  Your senior instructors will help you in every step, they will give you proper guidance to become a professional driver.

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