C1+E Driving Courses

C1 14 Hour Course - Additions & CPC (C1+E)

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Description -

The C1 14 Hour Course enhances your driving skills, so that you will carefully drive the heavy vehicles on the road. You will learn the rules and regulations while driving a vehicle on the road. You will learn how to give the signals on the road in full traffic. In this C1 14 Hour Course you will get to know the proper meaning of taking turns, U-turns and S-shaped turns.

Learning Hours

GS Driver Training permits you to attend this C1 14 Hour Course at different time slots, such as part-time, full-time and on weekends. These timings are totally up to you.

Additional Courses

GS Driver Training is offering C1 14 Hour Courses in which you will learn about some additional courses also.  In these additional courses you will learn how to deal with hazardous situations.

CPC Certification

The CPC certification is all about allowing you to drive a vehicle on the road. This CPC card gets up-to-date or you can update your CPC card by attending the initial CPC 35 Hour Course every 5 years.

Affordable Prices

The C1 14 Hour Course is available for you in GS Driver Training at a very affordable price. You can learn a lot of things here which will help you to become a professional driver.

Experienced Instructors

You will get the proper knowledge of this C1 14 Hour Course under the experienced instructors. They will provide you with the proper guidance on how to manage the vehicles on the road. 

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