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Caravan Familiarisation Course - Book (Caravan Course)

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A person who has never towed a caravan before and needs confidence-boosting before hitting the road, or who has experience but wants a refresher course to sharpen their abilities and stimulate their memory on safe caravan towing, would benefit greatly from the Caravan Familiarization Course.

You must have your CAT B licence with you so that you can easily tow the caravan with no restriction. 

The towing capacity of your vehicle indicates the maximum weight that you are permitted by law to hold. It might not be safe or pleasant to tow at this weight, especially if you are new to caravanning, even though the towing capability could be legally feasible.

Caravan Familiarisation Course objective

The course's objective is to improve the knowledge and abilities of drivers who will likely tow so they can operate the car and caravan combination safely. The course will also guarantee that the delegate is confident in load security, and any regulatory requirements. 

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