PCV (45 min)

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Regarding PCV licensing, there is frequently a good deal of confusion, with many people mistaking what is known as the PSV licence. Other than nomenclature, there isn't any distinction between the PSV and PCV licences. The PSV licence was officially terminated in 1982 and replaced with the PCV licence.

We at GS Driver Training will now discuss another possibly difficult topic, which is the circumstances under which you may operate a minibus "without" a PCV licence. You are permitted to operate a minibus for non-commercial purposes if you earned your driver's licence prior to January 1st, 1997. A minibus is defined as a vehicle with a maximum length of eight metres and the capacity to accommodate nine to sixteen passengers.

You will complete the first set of CPC requirements during your PCV (45 min) training. Your CPC card will be given to you once the training and testing are over. The validity of this card is five years. You are required to complete an additional 35 hours of CPC training throughout those five years. You can extend your card's validity by an additional five years by finishing your training.

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