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GS Driver Training offers both theory and practical programs, that are all taught by highly educated professional trainers giving you a lot of information. With GS Driver Training, you may get high-quality services at a reasonable price for many types of driving licences, including C1, C, and Driver CPC. In our training module, we employ unique strategies to meet the demands of the transportation industry. We also have a range of training approaches to assist you in successfully completing the objectives.
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Category C Driver Training

You can usually drive vehicles weighing up to 32 tonnes with an additional trailer weighing up to 750 kg with a Category C licence. Our preparatory programmes usually last up to four days. To earn a category C licence, you must first obtain a temporary C1 licence before participating in the training programme. You can find all the necessary information with us, and enrolling with GS Driver Training will help you achieve the best possible results in terms of driving.

Category C1 Driver Training

When you enrol with GS Driver Training, you will learn about the latest trends in the transportation industry, that will help you enhance your driving skills. You can drive vehicles weighing up to 7. 5 tonnes with a trailer weighing 750 kg with a Category C1 licence. You can even obtain a student discount with us, which leads to an increase in the number of people interested in acquiring driver training from GS Driver Training.

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