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Horse transportation in the United Kingdom is likely more complex than it ought to be from a viewpoint that is licensing. Nevertheless, it's what it is. We would love to make it as easy as possible to comprehend what your needs are if you regularly horse. In this easy guide to horse transportation, we'll talk about licensing, training and a number of the practical facets of towing horsebox trailers. 

In case you've any further questions after reading this guide, please don't hesitate to contact us. The place to begin would be to go over the distinction between horsebox trailers and HGV horse boxes. The horsebox trailer is simply a massive utility trailer with a roof on top and also an incorporated stall in the inside. 

In the eyes of the DVLA, if it is no different in terms than your normal utility trailer used for hauling furniture or equipment, The HGV horsebox is different. The HGV horsebox is a self-contained unit with the engine and horse transportation areas built on the same chassis. 

For purposes of clarification, consider it akin to some box lorry that has been modified to transfer horses as compared to freight. This gap dictates that HGV horsebox operators need a special permit to account for the dimensions and weight of their vehicles. As a horse owner, the kind of vehicle you use for horse transportation is up to you. Many recreational horse owners are content with a horsebox trailer towed by an SUV or pickup truck.

Horse Transport Licensing requirements the confusing thing for horse owners to understand are the licensing requirements. Sadly, we don't make things easy here in the United Kingdom.

There are two different licenses of horse transportation activities: the operator’s permit and the driving permit. The operator’s license is much like the kind of license a logistics firm would have to legally operate vehicles on the road.

  • Horse owners DO NOT need an operator's permit if they transfer horses
  • Under the following conditions: Horse transportation is for recreational or hobby purposes only
  • The owner/driver doesn't derive a Substantial portion of her or his income from transportation
  • Horse transportation doesn't involve qualifying business operations
  • The gear owner doesn't employ herself or himself out to other hobbyists in demand for horse transportation.

To put it simply, the government has produced a distinction between recreational and commercial transportation of horses. If what you do qualifies as a commercial venture, you might need both an operator's license and appropriate CPC accreditation. And the operator’s license isn't required for hobbyists. As for the driving permit, it is dependent entirely on vehicle weight and class. 

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