CPC Theory Test with Mod 2 & 4

Driver CPC also known as Certificate of Professional Competence, that means if you plan to drive an HGV/LGV vehicle on the road then you have to bring your Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC card with you. If you are not carrying the CPC cats with you while driving a vehicle on the road then plenty will charge on you.

So always keep your CPC card with you. Keep remembering to update your CPC card every 5 years. You can also read the expiry date over the CPC card, for the updation criteria of the CPC card you can go through with the initial CPC 35-hour course.

CPC training is divided into two parts CPC Theory Test and CPC Practical Test. Further you will read about these two tests and the CPC Theory Test Practice as well.

CPC Theory Test: Mod 2

The CPC Theory Test is part of the CPC Module 2 training. Your exam, which consists of six to seven case studies, will last for ninety minutes. You must have high grades for it. All of the questions are based on actual events, some of which are connected to LGV and HGV.

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CPC Practical Test: Mod 4

There is a CPC practical test in this CPC module 4. Some "show me-tell me" questions are necessary for passing this practical exam. Since it is a one-day course, your practical test will take place in the afternoon after your morning instruction. A minimum score of 85 out of 100 is required.

You need to get good scores on this practical test, CPC Mod 4. For the training, we will supply you with a truck, trailers, and a lorry. Following the instructions, you begin your practical exam. It barely takes a day to complete this procedure. This procedure, which tests your ability to drive a car safely, is also known as a safety procedure.

CPC Mod 4's primary goal is to raise awareness of vehicle safety while driving. First, you will receive instructions that will teach you how to operate a vehicle safely. One of the problems in the test series is operating a loaded vehicle accurately while adhering to all rules and regulations.

CPC Theory Test Practice & Case Studies Practice

For the CPC Theory Test Practice, you can take a reference from a book or watch any video related to the CPC Theory Test. You can analyze your performance by completing a practice test that includes multiple-choice questions related to the highway code, traffic signals, rules and regulations while driving a vehicle on the road. You can also prepare yourself for hazardous situations by purchasing some online courses.

On the other hand, for the CPC case study practice, you complete seven case studies on a computer to pass the test. The case studies are brief narratives based on scenarios that you may probably encounter in the course of your career. For every case study, there will be six to eight multiple-choice questions.

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