HGV Drivers Shortage in the UK: Now is the Best Time to Get an HGV License

The shortage of UK drivers is worsening each day. So the economy requires a potential boost in the numbers of HGV drivers for proper functioning. HGV drivers are well-trained professionals who transport goods of weight 3500kgs in the supply chain.

With impressive job security and prospects, you will love to join this enjoyable and rewarding career. For a fresher starting a new career or for someone who wants to change paths, this field can be an exciting choice. Let us dive into how the sky-rising demands in 2021 make it the best time to get an HGV licence and have a remarkable career ahead.


According to an FTA report, there is an acute shortage of skills in 64% of the transportation and logistics sectors. A shortfall of 59000 HGV drivers was recorded in 2019 in the UK, which shot up to 76000 in 2020. It indicates that the demand for professional HGV drivers was already at a peak in 2020. Another open letter by RHA called it a crisis point of UK supply chains as the shortage has grown to over 1,00,000 drivers.

These stats are strong warnings of the crisis in the UK. The setback in the logistic industry got even worse due to the recent pandemic, Brexit, and some other factors. The 2021 estimation has come up with a burning demand of 3 lakh drivers to address this issue.

The logistic industry is an essential driving force of the UK economy. As per the statement of Sally Gilson from FTA, it contributes a total GVA (Gross Value Added) of £124 billion per year. As HGV drivers are a vital part of the supply chain and trading, the nation’s economy is prone to collapse without them.


The freight and logistics industry ranks as the fifth biggest employer in the UK. In recent years, it is facing great demand for HGV drivers in various economic areas:


Supermarkets are currently wrestling with the increasing demand for online orders. Shelves are already running low due to panic shopping and stocking. The pressure for online deliveries led some supermarkets (like Ocado) to pause attending to new customers to distribute the products. Some have decided to decrease the opening hours. Tesco, Sainsbury Morrisons & Asda have implemented this to let the workers fill the gaps on the shelves.

Manufacturing and Haulage companies such Haribo and Tesco have also informed that there is no assurance of collecting and delivering all the products. And as per experts, we can expect the current situation to stay longer. So the demand for HGV drivers will only skyrocket in the future.


No one is unaware of how covid19 introduced the trend of online shopping. As a result of the lockdown that forced people to stay at home, they aggressively started ordering things online. The present scenario has increased the dependency on online orders but, the number of drivers is not enough to tackle all this.

There should be a regular supply in every industry, from food to groceries to clothes to the pharmacy. The whole supply chain depends on HGV drivers to transport goods to warehouses, stores, and marketplaces. Thus, a large number of trained HGV drivers are needed to cover these demands.


The pandemic has motivated a lot of people to explore their passions and start new businesses. Some are setting up new companies as a hobby, while some are due to losing jobs. As most of them are based in the e-commerce world, there is an increasing need for transportation services. So, new drivers are required for a consistent supply of raw materials and finished products.


Industries are severely suffering from the lack of qualified HGV drivers. Apart from interrupting the tight schedule, it also affects the production volume in many industries such as pharmacy, automotive (for parts delivery), and steel companies. It also disturbs the balance of grocery stores, schools, farms, warehouses, construction sectors, and local distribution firms.

Some events like sports tournaments, music festivals, and weddings also rely on haulage services. There is also news of risk in upcoming Christmas deliveries. With much burden on the haulage sector, HGV drivers are in great demand to supply the goods for various industries. If you are adequately qualified, you will have a sea of opportunities waiting.


Being the 5th largest employer in the UK, a career in the logistic industry can be highly rewarding and stable. You can consider it a good option due to many reasons:


The companies are continuously searching for new and trained HGV drivers. It means a well-trained and licensed driver can have plenty of opportunities. And you won’t have to put a lot of effort into seeking work. It is the best time to get your HGV License because the market situation will keep your skills and learning in demand.


Most of the career paths come with uncertainty and instability. But the ever-growing demand of the logistic industry can assure you job security. You can have a stable job and income for the long term in a good company. There are many logistics companies spread all across the UK, so you won’t have to change your location for the job.


To tackle the growing crisis, the government has introduced measures to make the road haulage career more appealing and thriving for people. These measures focus on improving the working conditions and securing a bright future for the drivers. It is a crucial step to address the shortfall issue.

  1. The government is planning to improve the facilities in depots and parking spaces.
  2. It will work with the industry to provide drivers with more parking areas.
  3. There is a recent reform to ease the driving and delivery hours restrictions. It is a relief to their pressure by allowing a bit longer drive hours, whenever necessary.

Apart from all these, the RHA has hosted a movement, “National Lorry Week.” It aims at spreading awareness about the importance of HGV drivers and promoting career options. There have also been movements for the improvement of facilities and wages. All these will ensure continuous development in your driving career.


Now, you know how secure and fantastic this career is. The next thing you may be pondering over is earnings. So the wages depend on your training, qualification, and experience. In general, the initial salary of HGV drivers is about £19-24k. If you take proper training and license from a trusted course like GS Driving license, you can earn up to £40k per year. The well-trained drivers can expect even more rise in income.


To start your HGV journey, you need to be of 18 years and get your HGV category C license. It is a minimum and quick qualification to become a professional driver in the commercial world. There are various phases you need to go through to earn a Category C license. It is vital to take HGV training courses from a trusted trainer to excel in the licensing processor. Our training not only assists you to get a license but also helps in many ways:

  • You can upscale your license with our training. It will help you in getting promotions.
  • You will also get practical knowledge and theoretical lessons to face the road safely and avoid accidents.
  • You can practice your skills in our onsite reversing area. With excellent skills, you will be able to save time while on duty.

If you want professional training to kick start your journey, GS Driver Training is the best and affordable choice for you. We aim at training you to pass the driving test on the first attempt only. Our experienced instructors prepare you for every challenge in driving and HGV tests and train you through the whole license process.

Whether you want to start driving HGVs as a fresher or acquire more skills to polish your career, we can help you with everything. At GS Driving license, we will mentor you in every stage- finding the best license category for you, maintaining your provisional training, and finally, getting the job as a confident driver.

What if I want to learn but don’t have money right now?

There is no need for any student loan or upfront amount to enroll. You can begin your course with a 10% deposit. Select the plan to spread the payment over 12 months. With this plan, you can learn now and pay later. Select the vehicle and courses that suit you and start HGV training for a rewarding and secure career! 

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